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Naruto Scissors' commitment


Naruto scissors are made by craftsmen who have inherited and refined their skills since our establishment.

Naruto Scissors wants to be your best partner.

Whenever I ask a Naruto scissors craftsman, "What kind of scissors are good?", He always answers, "It depends on each barber or hairdresser." Craftsmen make scissors by hand while listening to the prefernce of each user and imagining with their heart, including "hand shape" and "favorite blade edge".

So that users can use their scissors for a long time

The ideal angle of the blade is 45 degrees, and the blade is finished evenly from the blade bottom to the blade tip while keeping the thickness of the blades. The thickness of the blades creates the softness of cutting.

The blades and parts are mirror-finished one by one by hand, because we want them to be used for a long time.

The "curve" of the blade created by hitting it with a mallet. Creating about 0.03 mm, which is equivalent to one hair. The two blades must be finished in the same way. There is no measuring instrument, and we make judgments based on our eyes and experience.

We use a whetstone to create a blade line to the inside of the blade. We don't sharpen too much or not enough. It will not open and close smoothly unless we judge the right place with our senses.

Metallic dust comes out when we are sharpening. Skill is needed to remove this. If you make a mistake, the scissors will be ruined.

For our thinning scissors, we use a special file on each comb to create the best angle. This is very difficult.

Craftsmen are constantly thinking."What is the best blade that matches the user's cutting technique?"

"What kind of handle would suit this customer?"

"I want to return the scissors that came for maintenance as if they were new."

"How can I return 100 score scissors to the customer's hand?"

Naruto scissors are made with constant thought.

Everything is because we would like to be a partner in the hairdressing and beauty life of the user.

And finally, it is users that judge the scissors “good” or not.

For Naruto scissors to be your best partner, our craftsmen continue to hone their skills everyday.

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